Our Center publishes reports, articles, quarterly journals, studies, and press releases on various topics and issues concerning Palestinian and Arab society. In particular, RCHRS documents and examines the state of tolerance and human rights within these societies.

Tasamuh (Tolerance) Journal

The Tasamuh quarterly, first released in 2003, is an independent periodical dedicated to debates on Tolerance and Human Rights issues in Palestine and the Arab region. It seeks to disseminate a contemporary illuminated culture through its assertion on the values of human rights and tolerance. It also tries to consider the current socio-political situation and to evaluate its impact on the reality of tolerance within the community.

Professor Iyad Barghouti, the General Director of the Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies is the chief editor of the Tasamuh periodical.

In addition to Plestinian writers, Tasamuh is also open to writers from the whole Arab world as well as writers from the Diaspora. Recent Issues included material written by authors from Lebanon, Saudi Arabi and Jordan as well as Arab writers living in France and UK.

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