The NGO Network, the Forum for Combating Violence against Women, and the Council of Human Rights Organizations
They call on the Palestinian government to assume its responsibility for the events of the shrine of the Prophet Musa and for the immediate release of the young woman, Abdel-Hadi
The NGO Network, the Forum for Combating Violence against Women and the Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council have followed, with great concern, the repercussions of holding a concert at the shrine of Nabi Musa on last Saturday, 12/26/2020, and the accompanying societal tension threatening civil peace, considering that the primary responsibility It is the responsibility of the Palestinian government, represented by the Ministries of Tourism and Antiquities, and the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs, for their lack of proper management of the place, without setting standards and controls for the use of the place, and not providing citizens with an explanation about it. It affirms that accusations arising and each party has shirked their responsibilities, which has increased the state of confusion and chaos, and popular anger that was not haunted by the statements of officials nor by the government’s handling of the consequences of the incident.
The apparent miscalculation by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in giving permission for this event in light of the Corona pandemic, changed his concern with recent government decisions related to the closure and prevention of gatherings, which firmly calls for adherence to the health protocol, which shows a disregard for health.
The Network, the Forum, and the Council of Organizations were surprised by the kindling of some officials on the Palestinian street, without taking into consideration civil peace; It looks at the risk of assigning responsibility for the event to the participants in it and the government disclaims its responsibility to protect them as a result of their participation in an event for which it had previously given approval. It also considers with great concern the extension of the detention of the young woman Sama Abdel-Hadi for a period of 15 days, if it considers it arbitrary detention, and an attempt by the government to absorb popular anger and flee forward by presenting her as a scapegoat to the public, while she did not hear any official being taken away, noting that citizenship Abd al-Hadi did not violate the law as long as she obtained the official approvals from the agency responsible for managing the place, and therefore we demand her immediate release.
The network, the Forum and the Council of Organizations do not reduce the size of the organized defamation and incitement campaigns that seek to destabilize the civil peace, as well as the attack on public property from burning and destroying the public interest, and it is part of the culture of taking the law into the dangerous hand, which has become a disturbing phenomenon that supports the state of chaos, chaos of arms and collective rebellion In some areas, the emergency situation.
Welcoming the formation of an investigation committee into the event, however, we believe that the investigation committee should not include employees from the Ministries of Tourism, Antiquities, Endowments and Religious Affairs, as they are the two bodies originally responsible for managing the venue and giving permission to hold the aforementioned party. Accordingly, we call for the restructuring of the investigation committee to include representatives of civil society, the Independent Commission for Human Rights, and the Board of Financial and Administrative Supervision, and in the conduct of officials after the incident, and in the widespread incitement that appeared on social media, to take lessons and lessons, hold accountable those responsible for negligence, and address defects. In managing a public affair, so that this incident does not happen again. The government and relevant ministries should issue instructions on how to manage historical and religious sites.



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